Sunday, 15 November 2015

Reflections on the Meet Cute series

It's two and a half weeks now since the release of the first Meet Cute story, The Boy in the Bookshop. And what a crazy time it's been!  I've been overwhelmed by the support people have shown me and am thrilled by the response to Jade and Marwan's story.  Comments in Amazon reviews have ranged from 'absolutely delightful' (thank you Laura Holdsworth) to 'a heartwarming short story with the feel good factor' (thanks Amy Ellis), and it climbed to 1,881 in the overall Amazon rankings - beyond my wildest dreams for my first short story!

The Boy at the Beach was released the following week and Toby and Lauren have won over readers with their immediate chemistry with one reader (RatherToFondofBooks on Amazon) saying 'this story cannot fail to make you feel smiley' - such a lovely comment for any writer to hear!  There was also a very exciting moment where Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark, who inspired the character of Toby, tweeted to say 'I have to read this!'

And then last Thursday was publication day for The Boy at the Bakery.  I've had lots of people say Cole and Lily are the cutest couple yet, with best-selling author Erin Lawless saying it's her 'favourite short (and guy) so far'.  And my publisher Harper Impulse created a fabulous playlist to accompany it!
I've also been busy guesting on some fabulous book blogs talking about everything from Pinterest to nightclubs to Chelsea buns!  The blogging community have been absolutely wonderful in helping me spread the word about the first three Meet Cute stories.  I'm hoping to get a 'Katey's guest blogs' tab set up on here soon so anyone who wants to can easily find my past posts. 
It's no longer a secret that there are nine stories in the series, with The Boy Under the Mistletoe due for release on December 17th and I'll be able to share the cover and preorder details very soon!  Chelsea and Simeon's story is actually my favourite meet cute, so this one has a very special place in my heart.
Huge, huge thanks to all the readers, authors, bloggers, family and friends who've spread their love of the Meet Cute series far and wide, and to Harper Collins for believing there was a market for romantic short stories in the first place.  You're all fantastic. xxx


  1. So is Mistletoe the next, or are there others in between? Not sure I can wait until December for another fix!

    1. Mistletoe is up next on December 17th - not long to wait now!


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