Praise for The Meet Cute series

"..absolutely delightful, a short yet perfectly formed story..." - Little Northern Soul

"The Boy in the Bookshop appealed to all my bookish senses... I was swooning all the way through!" - Reviewed the Book

"Katey Lovell describes her characters so vividly and she only needs several sentences to make them come to life." - Suze Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams

"They are so succinctly written, it feels like it surely must have been longer than it was because it’s such a complete story – it has everything you could want in a meet cute!" - Rather Too Fond of Books

"Katey shows that she has the ability to tell a short story in the greatest possible way, full of details and with all you want to know." - Sky's Book Corner

"Katey excels at painting us a deep story with a few well chosen words and scenes. I really loved Chelsea - and empathised with her slogging away during her university holidays! - and Simeon was definitely a worthy holiday hero! Swooooon!!" - E.L. Meakin on Amazon

Praise for One Night in Los Angeles

"The amount of chemistry between Abbi and Aaron is evident from their first meeting, after the funniest moment of the book. From the second they meet you can feel the sexual tension, and the intimate scenes really do get your heart racing." - Rachel's Random Reads

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