Friday, 6 November 2015

Real-life Meet Cutes - author Wendy Lou Jones

Romance author Wendy Lou Jones shares the moment she met her now husband...

My hubby and I met in Medical School. He remembers me from the first day and I remember him from the 3rd year (oops!)  At that time, we got a lift into the hospital we'd been assigned to together, to and fro every day for a six week block. I fell in love with the knee peeping out of those ripped jeans in lectures and his confidence on the wards. Much pining later, my (male) housemate couldn't take it any more and told him I fancied him.

Wendy Lou Jones is the author of three romance novels, The Songbird and the Soldier, By My Side and The Summer we Loved, all published by Harper Impulse.  You can find out more about her on her Amazon author page, website, Facebook or on twitter @WendyLouWriter.

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  1. Looked back at some photos of those days 2 nights ago. We were so young!


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