Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I Know It's Over - 'The End' for Books with Bunny.

Many of you know that before I was a published author I was a book blogger.  My blog, Books with Bunny, was a place where I reviewed books of all kinds, interviewed authors and hosted guest posts.  I loved my time as part of the wonderful blogging community and am very proud of how I organised online events, had reviews posted in a number of books and was chosen to take part in many blog tours and marketing campaigns; but the time has come to say goodbye.  I have big plans and wild writing ambitions, and I want to be able to give these projects my all.

None of the posts at Books with Bunny will disappear, but the blog will no longer be active.  This does mean I'll be talking about other people's books over here from time to time because I will always be a reader, always shout about the importance of libraries and always support authors I admire - as anyone who follows me on Twitter will know.

You can read my final post at Books with Bunny here.

The title of this blog post comes from The Smiths song of the same name.  You can hear the song here.

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