Thursday, 19 May 2016

Talking Surfing as The Boy with the Board is released

For someone who’s never so much as dipped her toe into the world of surfing, I’ve always had a quiet fascination with it.  Maybe that’s partly to do with my age – when I was growing up Baywatch was practically compulsory viewing.   Add to that holidays to Newquay in Cornwall where I’d marvel as surfers on Fistral Beach showed off their skills and that's probably where it all started. 
Although I’ve never wanted to get on a board myself (I’m actually laughing at the thought – I’d be terrible!) there’s something incredibly soothing about watching people working in tandem with nature to explore movement.  It's dangerous, exciting and beautiful.  And though those who've mastered it make it look easy, I have no doubt that it's challenge enough staying upright, let alone doing tricks. 
When I visited Venice Beach earlier this year I'd hoped to see some surfing but although there were hopefuls waiting to catch a wave, the Pacific wasn't cooperating and was as still as still can be.  Maybe I need to make a trip back to Fistral - it's closer to home!
I also really enjoy books about surfing (Lisa Glass has written a YA trilogy that I'm eagerly awaiting the final instalment of - it's well worth a look) so if you have any recommendations of surf related reads I'd love to hear those. 
Blurb for The Boy with the Board
When her beloved mum dies suddenly, Helena escapes to sunny California. Determined to live for the moment, she puts aside her fears and signs up for the surfing lessons she's always dreamed of – with the added distraction of hunky instructor Ashton.
The Boy with the Board, a short story in the Meet Cute series, is out today, published by Harper Impulse - the digital-first romance imprint at Harper Collins.

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  1. Nikki Godwin has a YA/NA surfing series. I haven't read it yet but I've read one of her other books and I loved it. Caught Inside by Jamie Deacon publishes later this year (maybe June) it's an M/M surfer book. I read a really early copy and loved it. I think it's under gone some changes so I will look forward to rereading it! :)


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