Friday, 26 February 2016

Happy Birthday Tirgearr Publishing!

Tirgearr Publishing (who published my novella One Night in Los Angeles last month) are celebrating!  Founded on Leap Day 2012, they'll be four on Monday - although, of course, this is their first 'proper' birthday with February 29th only coming around once every four years.
Tirgearr have reduced the price of many of their titles (including One Night in Los Angeles!) as part of their celebrations, and to keep the party theme going, I asked some of my fellow Tirgearr authors to share their memorable birthday stories...

Mary T. Bradford says her 50th birthday was the most memorable. "My hubby was treating me to a weekend away and the destination was a surprise. He kept me guessing right up until I boarded the plane. As the airport we were flying into wasn't the final destination, I had no clue. It turned out we were going to beautiful Barcelona. So when I was invited to write for the Hot City Nights series by Tirgearr Publishing, I chose Barcelona for my city. Hey presto, One Night in Barcelona was born." 

Elizabeth Delisi - "My birthday is only two days before my mother’s, so we often party together. This year we got together with family and friends to celebrate my 60th, but more importantly, Mom’s 90th. It was a wonderful celebration of her life, all the things she’s accomplished, her values, and all she means to every one of us. I could have no higher compliment than being told, “You remind me of your mother.” Looking forward now to celebrating her 100th!"
Kathleen Rowland - "On my last birthday my husband gave me a gadget for changing high ceiling light bulbs. I took a deep breath, thanked him for being cute, and began writing a sequel to Deadly Alliance."
Erika Gardner - "My memory is of the year that I turned five (1974-lol!). My mom had invited all the neighborhood kids, who all RSVP'ed yes, they would attend. Day of the party came, time of the party arrived, but nary a guest to be seen. Not one person showed out of twenty some-odd yes's. I remember being confused. Not sad exactly, just genuinely puzzled. I wasn't even in school yet so there was no social humiliation. I think it was harder on my folks, to be honest. I went in my room and started making up stories of all the reasons they hadn't shown up. Maybe a sea monster had eaten them? Or they took a rocket to the stars? Maybe they joined the circus or went on safari? I used pictures for the most part, because, hey, I was five, but I made up fantastical tales. I think that was the day I became a writer. More specifically, I became a fantasy writer.

Oh, and in the next day or two, many stopped by to apologize and bring by a gift. Sadly, or happily, none had been eaten by sea monsters, or traveled the stars, or even gone on a safari.

It's a day that stands out for me, even now."
For me, my thirtieth birthday was one of the most memorable - or not! It was my one and only experience of tequila and there's really nothing more to say...

Books by all the authors who've shared their memories are available on promotion over Tirgearr's birthday celebration, including -
One Night in Los Angeles - Katey Lovell
My Husband's Sin - Mary T. Bradford
One Night in Barcelona - Mary T. Bradford
Mistletoe Medium - Elizabeth Delisi
Observant Oracle - Elizabeth Delisi
Fatal Fortune - Elizabeth Delisi
The Midnight Zone - Elizabeth Delisi
Deadly Alliance - Kathleen Rowland
The Dragon in the Garden - Erika Gardner

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