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Real Life Film Stars v Aaron Halliday...

As Aaron Halliday the leading man in One Night in Los Angeles is a Hollywood star, I thought it'd be fun to talk to fellow authors and book bloggers about their favourite actors and actresses.  One of the reasons I loved writing Aaron was because the perception of him generated by the media was quite different to the man Abbi gets to know.  Let's see what makes the following household names so popular...
One Night in Madrid and One Night in Pamplona author JD Martins admires Kate Winslet "because she's not only an amazing actor, but she's beautiful and unafraid of going places in her acting that others might not go and showing the raw emotions. It's a bit like those writers who are brave enough to write erotica, to expose the raw emotions of our stories that it takes us some years to build up the courage to write, for fear of what our friends and family might think. Kate does it in every film and has done it since her earliest film."
Meanwhile, Mary T. Bradford is a fan of  Liam Neeson. "His presence on screen demands attention. He is a wonderful actor and he never disappoints in any film he has been in. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. When Liam is in a film, it is compelling viewing for many. I think men admire him also, it's not just women who drool over him."
Rebecca Pugh, who is excitedly awaiting the release of her second novel A Home in Sunset Bay next month, immediately mentioned Anne Hathaway as her favourite film star.  "I've loved her ever since The Princess Diaries and feel like I've grown up with her in a strange sort of way. I think she's classy and sophisticated and plays every role she's given PERFECTLY!"
Elizabeth Delisi, author of the Lottie Baldwin mysteries, was keen to share her admiration for Kevin Kline's ability to portray a diverse cross-spectrum of characters.  "When I think of Kevin Kline, I think of an actor who can play anything, from Cyrano de Bergerac to a gay teacher coming out; from a French thief unexpectedly falling in love to a cowboy in the old west; from a police detective tracking a serial killer to an over-the-top soap star. He has more talent than any other actor I know; he can display deep emotion with just a slight alteration of the expression on his face, can make you laugh one minute and weep the next."

Blogger Rebecca from Brunette Lifestyle said "I adore Robert Downey Jr. I kinda fell in love with him in Iron Man. He portrayed the hurt hero really well and creatively displays a serious yet sarcastic role. Then I started to watch his other films like Sherlock and I loved him in that too, even though I really dislike Sherlock, the books, the programme. I love how Robert Downey Jr. is able to master the roles he's given. I'll forever love him."

T K Geering, whose novel A Russian Gift of Love was published last summer, is a big fan of Richard Armitage for similar reasons, saying "he's completely versatile. He can switch from comedy, to period drama, to Shakespeare at the presentation of a script."
Both Going Against Type author Sharon Black and erotic romance author (and editor of One Night in Los Angeles!) Lucy Felthouse mentioned another British actor who they admires for both looks and talent - Benedict Cumberbatch.  "I like him because he’s talented—he’s played so many different roles, and so convincingly," says Lucy. "He gets those slight nuances down pat, so you really believe in the character he’s playing, and are immersed in the story he’s telling. I mean—look at him in Sherlock! I also like him because he’s got killer cheekbones, is gorgeous, and seems like a genuinely nice guy in interviews. His star is rising rapidly, but he still comes across as really humble and down-to-earth. What’s not to like?"  Sharon adds, "Like most straight, warm blooded women, I'm drawn to his looks. They're not perhaps as obvious as other Hollywood heartthrobs. Nevertheless, he ticks the box. Especially when he smiles. And I like the roles he chooses: mysterious, intelligent, guarded; he has wonderful on-screen presence. Watch him in Enigma. I dare you not to be drawn in.  I also adore his accent. As an Irish woman, I'm quite fussy about English accents. I don't admit to liking them all. But I could listen to him reading the telephone book. Lastly, most importantly, when I was writing my debut, I had to picture what my ideal hero would look like. He is tall, has dark, slightly curling hair and dresses impeccably. I pictured Cumberbatch with a beautiful hint-of-Cork accent."

Ellie Gray, author of Beauty and the Recluse, couldn't narrow it down to one, instead naming two heartthrobs!  "My favourite actors are Christian Bale and Gerard Butler. I love their dark good looks but I think what draws me to them is the fact they can convey a sense of confidence in being able to handle themselves in any situation. I'm a tall girl and quite physically strong so don't need a hero to rescue me but I like a muscular man who will make me feel feminine."
Blogger Erin from Erin's Choice also found it difficult to choose. "My favourite changes nearly every week, depending on what I've watched, read or heard about. For example, this week it would be Scott Eastwood who plays Luke in The Longest Ride. Hot damn he is hot! One of my very, very favourites though is Sandra Bullock, especially in The Blind Side and The Proposal. She plays such diverse roles and is such a beautiful person, apparently in real life too."
And me?  I absolutely adore Emma Watson.  She's been on our screens for so long that it's easy to forget she's still just twenty-five.  She's so much more than 'just' Hermione, a proactive figurehead in the campaign for gender equality and a firm believer in the value of education.  Plus, she's a bookworm! 
I'd love to know - who are your favourite film stars?
One Night in Los Angeles is published by Tirgearr on 27th January 2016.  It's available to preorder now.


  1. Thank you for letting me share my ideal actor, cheers,

  2. Hi Katey,
    This was such a great line up. What I loved was how everyone chose an actor to whom they felt drawn. They're not all necessarily the critics' favourites; these choices all came from the heart. That's the most fun, isn't it?
    Sharon. x

  3. Awesome collection of actors and actresses! Fun article, Katey.

  4. Great post, and thanks for the invites. I'm glad someone picked my second choice, Christian Bale, though I'd rather see a photo of Kate...

  5. Enjoyed reading this! Isn't it amazing how diverse we are? By the way, if you had t push me to a choice, it would be Tom Hiddleston :)

  6. I enjoyed that. Many thanks Katey

  7. Hmm, so hard to choose just one! But Anne Hathaway has a great deal of my respect.

  8. Hi Katey - thanks very much for this post. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's favourite actor and the reasons they gave.I also found it interesting to explore why I liked my particular choice (or two!).

  9. Hi Katey - thanks very much for this post. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's favourite actor and the reasons they gave.I also found it interesting to explore why I liked my particular choice (or two!).


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